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Asset Advisory

Independent analysis, advice and implementation across asset classes

Portfolio Advisory*

*Currently not offered to US persons

Unbiased, transparent and fundamental analysis of liquid, illiquid and esoteric financial assets with disclosure of:

• Model framework
• Methodology
• Inputs
• Assumptions

Strategic solutions are developed from a distinctive three-phase process:

• Intrinsic Valuation
• Market Valuation
• Hedging/Disposition Efficiency

Recommendations may include a combination of hedging, opportunistic asset sales, holding to maturity or structured solutions

Periodic monitoring and updated analysis available

Structured Solutions

Structured Solutions at StormHarbour follow a bespoke approach to optimising several factors based on an in-depth dialogue with each client.

Leveraging vast cross jurisdictional experience with rating agencies, tax regimes, accounting rules and regulatory capital matters, our team optimizes solutions based on client sensitivities to:

• Balance sheet utilisation
• Rating agency and regulatory capital
• Risk transfer/retention
• Resource constraints

Our expertise in structuring and executing transactions includes the full-suite of asset classes covered by Distribution and Capital Markets.

On a retained basis we can further provide trading, execution and risk-management services

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