Sales & Trading

Delivering the strength of integrated research, distribution and trading


The Team at StormHarbour prides itself on its deep relationships with local and international institutions across Research, Sales and Trading.
These relationships have been developed over the years by team members through thoughtful dialogue, exemplary service and adherence to our principles of integrity, trust and global expertise

The Integrated Approach

StormHarbour Research, Sales and Trading work closely together to deliver the highest valued-added service. Our clients value our discretion, market intelligence, trade ideas and execution efficiency

Full Service Coverage

StormHarbour is a full-service securities dealer unlike many other independents. Since inception, we have been global in reach from the New York and London financial centers and we have been complete in our coverage of credit and securitised products up and down the capital structure


We understand the importance of technology in delivering value-added service. Accordingly, StormHarbour invests significantly in analytics and systems

• Hedge funds/other asset managers
• Banks/insurance companies
• Pensions and endowments
• SWFs and GSEs
• Other international financial groups
• Efficient execution
• Sourcing and distribution
• Primary and secondary
• Reverse inquiry & buy-backs
• Full asset/capital structure coverage
• Investment Grade Corporates
• High Yield
• Distressed
• Convertibles
• Emerging Markets
• ABS - Vanilla and Exotic
• RMBS - Prime, Alt-A, Sub-prime
• CDOs and CLOs
• Synthetic structures